Access to Justice

*** NEW*** If you missed the legal briefing by LFF and EJA to talk through the Guide for Forest Protectors in Victoria you can watch the recording here: //

Lawyers for Forests provides legal referrals, legal information workshops and fact-sheets for forest activists and environment groups.

Lawyers for Forests believes that peaceful protest is a legitimate form of civil expression and a valuable part of democracy. Peaceful non-violent protests have for many years been a vehicle for the expression of community concern about the unnecessary and unlawful destruction of native forests and have significantly raised the profile of the issue in the media.

Lawyers for Forests also supports the increasingly important work of conservation groups that litigate against logging agencies to enforce the laws that protect our threatened species.

Lawyers for Forests works toward this by:

  • organising pro bono legal advice and representation for protesters and forest conservation groups;
  • providing information about rights and responsibilities when taking part in a protest, and the legal framework that regulates logging both through workshops and written legal information guides;
  • advocating for the right to protest, and for acts of violence against peaceful protesters to face the law.

Lawyers for Forests believes that by taking these steps it can assist in the creation of a better informed, more peaceful, and ultimately more effective culture of public protest.