About Us

Lawyers for Forests is an association of legal professionals working towards the protection and conservation of Australia’s remaining native forests.

Lawyers for Forests believes that the industrial scale woodchipping and clear felling of our native forests is a matter of serious public concern.  LFF is active on a number of levels to promote awareness of the issue and advocate change.

LFF does this by:

  • increasing scrutiny of laws and policies concerning native forests and related environmental issues;
  • demanding accountability from our leaders in business and government; and
  • providing pro-active legal support to other groups campaigning for change.

If you are a lawyer or law student and would like to assist us, we encourage you to become a member and join our network of lawyers accepting referrals, volunteer or make a donation to Lawyers for Forests.

In 2008  Lawyers for Forests Inc filed proceedings in the Federal Court against the Environment Minister and Gunns Limited challenging the approval of Gunns’ Bell Bay pulp mill in Tasmania. Read more about this landmark legal battle here.